Red Hulk

A short film by Asimina Proedrou


Greece | 2013 | Fiction | 28 min | Color | Dolby Digital | 1.85:1 | Language:Greek | English, French, Spanish, Italian subtitles


                               Watch the film online on vimeo


Giorgos lives on his own in Athens. He lacks purpose, self-confidence, identity and peer acceptance. He fills the void by becoming the “Red Hulk”, as he is known at his football team’s fan club. Until the day he gets involved in racial violence, entailing new problems and dilemmas…

Director’s note

‘RED HULK’ is my graduation film project for my film school (AMC, Athens – Film Directing Department), a low budget film and an independent production supported by the benefits of the 1st Award of altcineAction! Online film festival 2012, powered by

The story takes place in Greece, in the current environment of rising chauvinism and racism, and deals with the matter of the distortion of a person’s personality as he experiences the excessive need of belonging to, and becoming a member of a group. The movie explores the effect on the character’s psychological state as he faces the potential consequences of his choices, raising questions about how the social, family and work environment can affect him.

Asimina Proedrou | Director, Producer, Screenwriter

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